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Should you have a prayer request or a praise item, simply e-mail me at and I will post your request/praise item. You do not have to leave your name or details with which you aren't comfortable. I will delete the messages every Saturday to make room for newer ones.


Please pray that Jane will be blessed with wisdom and patience as she deals with a difficult situation.

Sarah's Job

Sarah's hours have been cut back, so pray that she will find a second job soon.

Tina and Jake

Tina and Jake, missionaries in Japan, are in need of prayer.

Medical Problem

An anonymous person is in need of an MRI soon and has had a plethora of medical problems.  Please pray for her spiritual and physical well-being.


Charles was working in a factory when a machine blew up in his face.  He will need extensive rehabilitation work, so pray for his speedy recovery.

End to Homophobia

Pray that those who oppose gay marriage will come to see that a) it's not really any of their business who someone else marries, b) that it's not immoral, and c) their time would be better spent on helping those less fortunate than them. 

Pray without ceasing