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Welcome to B'nai Keshet CyberShul
This site will be changing quite a bit in the next couple of months!  Stay tuned as we offer you more in each room on a weekly or monthly basis, and soon we will offer a live local service for those of you who live in Edmonton!  This is a Messianic Jewish online synagogue that is a place of worship, meditation, and prayer for anyone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, straight, or questioning. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy the site, though you might not understand everything at first. Don't hesitate to email me with questions. B'nai Keshet (Children of the Rainbow) is designed to be a cybertemple ('the Temple' in Hebrew is 'haMikdosh') like in the days of Solomon. His temple was dedicated as being a Temple for ALL nations, for that reason this site welcomes Jews and Gentiles equally (Gal. 3:28). Come back frequently just to meditate, study G-d's Word, or pray in HaShem's 'Temple'.
Message Boards
To the right is a list of 3 message boards on which anyone can post and I'll update it with Jewish festival events (an intro for each main festival is found in the pages of this site. For example, Rosh Hashanah is discussed on the Hidden Chambers page. Simply explore the site to find introductions to other feasts and holidays). I've also listed some FAQ on the Spirituality board. Come and fellowship with us on the boards often, I enjoy hearing from you. Critics beware, I edit messages if they're negative or respond to them with a spirit of love and teaching. If you would like to write an article for this site or send a piece of artwork to be posted on it, then send me an email with one of the links below explaining your request.
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Introduce Yourself

I drew the above picture to represent someone leaping over a river. You can almost sense a feeling of joy, confidence, and freedom in their step! Perhaps this person needed to cross the raging water, and stood at the bank wondering how they were going to accomplish such a difficult task. Some of us need to cross some rivers in our lives (come out and live uncensored lives) and in the end all it might take is a leap of faith!

What is a Messianic Jew?
The short answer: a Jewish Christian. However, we are so much more. We are Jews and Gentiles exploring the Jewish roots of our faith. We call Jesus by his Aramaic name, Yeshua, and G-d by a Hebrew name, HaShem (literally 'the name'). We do a lot of things in a Jewish way, like worshipping on Shabbat (sabbath), wearing kippot (those funny round hats aka bald spot warmers!), and singing the Sh'ma. Exploring the site is the best way to discover firsthand what Messianic Judaism is all about, and of course I'm always available to answer questions. Email me, Miryam, with the link below.
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Can I really be homosexual AND Messianic?
Many ask this when they question their sexual orientation. I've dealt with specific texts in the Bible regarding homosexuality, so please visit the Guestbook page for my essay. The short answer for now is: yes, you can be gay and still walk with G-d. Unfortunately, none of the MJ denominations recognize the gay "lifestyle" (is there really such a thing?). I'm currently focussing my efforts on writing the headquarters of these denoms and convincing them to change this stance. I believe it's not only unbiblical to not allow openly gay members, but it is also unbecoming behavior for believers. We as Christians should be known for our love and acceptance, not for whom we shun. True, sinful lifestyles should not be overlooked or allowed by Yeshua's Church. However, being a practising homosexual is not a sinful lifestyle (having promiscuous sex, abusing others sexually, or having sex for money is not exclusive to homosexuals as some people believe. These behaviours are sinful and should not be permitted). Ok, 'nuff preaching!

What we believe...
We believe mostly in what is discussed in the Conversations with G-d series.  What is that?  Well, you'll have to read the books to find out. And no, Neale Donald Walsch didn't pay me to make this plug.  I seriously encourage you to check the books out, they will change your life!

Enter through the Mercy Gate

Ps. 24:7-10. It is said that Messiah will enter through the Sushan (Mercy) Gate (aka. Golden Gate) when he returns. Imagine that this page is the Gate to the Temple, enter here and praise G-d! "I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart, I will enter his courts with praise." Ps.100:4

Sh'ma Yisrael, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad!