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He put the Law in our hearts!
Ok, so far we've been examining the Temple as a template for our own person. The Outer court is our 'flesh' as Paul called it, the Inner court is our human desires and will, The Holy Place is the new heart which is given to us when we become believers, and the Most Holy Place is the new spirit we are given. This is a spirit that mixes with Ruach haKodesh to produce new actions and a new faith. Now imagine that there is a box in this new spirit, and inside of it are the rules G-d has laid out for your life. On the box is a throne for the Holy Spirit. Just as the Holy of Holies is 'inside' the Holy Place, the new spirit you've been given is in your new heart. The rules G-d has put inside the box are also inside your new heart, the one that follows G-d and is made from flesh and not stone.

Tisha B'Av

I know this seems like the worst place to discuss Tisha B'Av, but I thought it would be appropriate. Tisha B'Av literally means 'the nine in Av', Av being a month on the Jewish calendar. It was on this day that both Temples were destroyed and also many other terrors in Jewish history occured, such as the Spanish Inquisition. Tisha B'Av is sort of like the Jewish Friday the 13th, only worse, so why would I discuss it on the "Ark of the Covenant" page? Well, I figured that such a negative day had to be 'overridden' with goodness from G-d. Secondly, while I feel it is important to grieve losses to the Jewish community and not trivialize them or say, "There, there, I'll cheer you up," I also believe we must put everything into haShem's control. G-d is in control, so we have nothing to fear. Since the Ark is where Ruach haKodesh rested, I think discussing the "Jewish Bad Luck Day" here is definitely appropriate, don't you?

The New Covenant
Just as haShem created a new heart and spirit for each believer, He also made a New Covenant. This covenant is less complicated than the Mosaic Law, but is more difficult to follow. Basically, we are to follow the SPIRIT of the Law, not just necessarily, or only, the letter of the Law.
Spirit vs. Letter
In ancient times, it was possible for someone to follow the Law, without truly following it in their hearts (Mt. 15:8). They could wash their bodies outwardly and be considered clean, but inwardly their thoughts were violent or insincere. They might have been circumcised in the physical sense, but they didn't love G-d with all their hearts (Deut. 6:5). "Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiffnecked." Deut.10:16
New Way of Life
Yeshua spoke about many things concerning the Law, and he always taught with a fresh perspective and whole lot of authority. One thing he stressed is that we follow the meaning behind a rule G-d has laid out for us, not just what it says on paper. For instance, "You shall not commit adultery" (Ex. 20:14) is not just talking about what we physically do. Yeshua made it clear that just THINKING about another person in that way is like doing it in real life (Mt. 5:27-28). Read Mt. 15:18-19.
As you can see, not only do we have to think about following the letter of the Law, but we have to obey the spirit in which it is written. I thought G-d was supposed to have lightened our load! Well, She did. Firstly, the punishment for breaking the Law is no longer death. Yeshua took care of that, and you have been forgiven of all sin. True, every decision has consequences in this life, but that is to be expected.

Following the letter of the Law can get kind of tricky because it was written in words, the fallible invention of mankind. We have to decipher it from an ancient text and translate it into our own language, plus cross years of historical and cultural divides. How do we know we aren't following the actual "letter" in the first place? Well we don't, that's why the New Covenant is so important. Read Matt. 5, in it Yeshua challenges us all to interpret the Torah and follow it the way G-d intended, not just obey it blindly the way others tell us to. This is not easy, because it requires a lot of hard work and study. You must digest the information on your own and with the illumination of the Holy Spirit. Think about going after the spirit of G-d's laws when you are reading the essay "The Bible and Homosexuality" on the guestbook page. (Eph. 5:17-18)
No Future Ark
You guessed it, there will be no Ark in the future Temple, the one in Ezekiel's vision. If G-d himself will be present, what need is there for a mercy seat, the place for His Spirit to sit? You might be thinking, 'This new Temple will be bare of any of the furnishings present years ago. What WILL be in the Temple?' Well, all of us for starters. Most of the Temple furnishings were present to deal with our sinfulness, and since our sinfulness has been dealt with and forgiven, those things are now obsolete!
Limited Access to G-d
As you recall from the previous page, the Most Holy Place was to be a room for total communion with G-d. No one could just enter, you had to go through the proper cleansing ritual and wear a special robe. Only the priests were allowed inside and only for specific purposes.
Total Communion
When Yeshua died, the barrier separating this room from the Holy Place was torn in two, showing that now, anyone could enter the presence of G-d. It was like Yeshua's blood covered everyone and made them so clean that all of us are now worthy to approach him. We are now in a state of total communion with haShem (I Cor. 6:17).

House of Prayer
Total Communion with G-d of course includes prayer. I find it interesting that Yeshua shooed out all of the moneychangers out of the Temple in anger and told them that the L-rd's house was for prayer (Mk. 11:15-17). Since we are now housing G-d, together and individually, is your 'house' a house of prayer or a den of theives?

Come Back to the Temple
I hope you've enjoyed our trek through the Temple. Come back often to renew you mind and spirit. Every week there will be a new D'var Torah, Sermon, and Yeshiva (Bible study--located at the Inner Court) for you to enjoy.